We are nestled in a west Texas community 15 miles south of Lubbock, Texas.  It an area where I grew up farming cotton with my family.  What this community lacks in trees we make up for in pride, honor, and spirit. It is an ideal spot to pasture raise pigs since we have access to great land and our choice of vegetation. 

We plant many different types of grasses, clovers and legumes to give our pigs a balance diet that is high in Omega 3's. 

Show Pigs

We are very active in our local FFA chapter where we show Berkshires pigs.  Since Berkshires are the best tasting meat pig, we focuses on these exclusively.  The pigs from these liters that we don't show we raise on our pastures for pork.  Our kids are still in the early stages of showing but really enjoy the competition and friendships that this community offers. 


Our house is on 6 acres where we operate our farm.  This is where we store and maintain all our equipment. We also keep some of our show pigs here along with a small nursery where small baby pigs can grow and strengthen before being released to pasture. 


Our pasture is on a 320 acre family cotton farm.  This is the original farm my great grandfather purchased over a century ago that brought my family to this area.  Their old homestead was on a 20 acre plot that is now our pork pastures.  We have many different types of vegetation here that our pigs thrive on.  We supplement a barley base feed, along with alfalfa and acorns that we bring in throughout the year.  These pigs have a sustainable pasture, good shelter, fresh water, lots of sunshine, and never receive antibiotics.  It's amazing how a pig never gets sick when they are raised in this environment.  We give them only what they need to be healthy and produce the highest quality pork.