Allyson and I are originally from the Lubbock, TX area.  We met briefly before I decided to join the Navy and left west Texas.  Stationed in San Diego and deployed to all parts of the world, I soon realized that I not only valued the small town Texas beliefs but I also wanted to marry someone with similar values.  Allyson and I married in 2005 while I was serving in the US. Navy.  We spent the next 4 years stationed in Virginia where both Parker and Weston were born.  After a 2 year stent working at NASA in Houston we decided to move back to Lubbock to be closer to our family.  


While climbing the corporate ladder I realized that I needed a therapeutic outlet.  Growing up on a farm I was yearning to put my work boots on and go play in the dirt.  We purchased our first pig, a Berkshire gilt, in 2012.  She was out of the legendary Superman boar which sired champions all over the US.  We purchased a few other gilts since and they were all show quality animals.  We realized that selling show animals was a very tough business especially when you're starting out and no one knows you.  We needed an outlet to sell our pigs.  During this time I watched the documentary Food Inc. and decided to feed out two pigs on a non-GMO diet.  We sold one of these pigs and processed the other for our family.  The flavor was off the charts compared to grocery store pork.  I have been studying swine nutrition ever since.  


A few years have gone by since we bought our first pig but our love for them has only grown.  We now raise and sell many different types of pigs and they are all fed quality ingredients and raised on sustainable pasture.  

Our Family

Allyson is our mid-wife of the farm.  She ensures all baby pigs are delivered and are safely with their mom.  She has a mothering trait that not only keeps us a strong family but helps our herd grow and prosper. 

Parker is a whirlwind of constant activity.  When I come home from work he has a ball in his hands ready for me to play catch or shoot hoops.  There is hardly a week in the year that we're not taking him to a practice or going to one of his games.  At 9 yrs old his involvement on the farm is feeding and cleaning pens.  

Weston is our laid back methodical child.  His sense of humor and quick wit keeps us laughing everyday.  He plays sports but prefers video games.  He goofs around in football practice but somehow plays like he practices daily. His involvement on the farm is doing odd jobs when asked.  One day he will take over all the technical task on the farm. 

Lee Lisemby
Allyson Lisemby



Parker Lisemby

Chief Operating Officer

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Weston Lisemby

Chief Technology Officer

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