Thank you for visiting our site.  We are a veteran owned family farm that takes great pride in providing absolutely best pork in the world.  We raise several types of hogs on pasture and feed them only the best ingredients possible.  


We raise two types of lard pigs; Mangalitsa and Swabian Hall.  Both breeds were created in the 1800's for European royalty.  These pigs were not created to live in a factory farm, have big litters, and grow at record rates.  They were created to be the best tasting animal on earth.  Their lard was used for everything from cooking to heating.  You can think Proctor and Gamble, their product Crisco, and marketing against lard for these breeds to almost go extinct.   Today, lard is making a comeback because of it's health benefits.  Yes, you read that correctly, "health benefits."  Since pigs store nutrients and/or toxins in their fat, when you raise a pig on pasture and they eat healthy vegetation, their rendered lard is high in Omega 3's especially DHA which has become absent in the Standard American Diet (SAD).  Since the absence of DHA we have seen many neurological disorders arise.  Protect your brain, which is 60% fat, by feeding it animal fats.  These pigs both produce a very tender red meat with an impeccable flavor.  

We also raise old world heritage pigs.  These breeds includes Berkshires, Durocs, Spotted Poland Chinas, and Hampshires. We feed and tend to the pigs the way nature intended.  They're raised completely outdoors where they roam pastures and have access to sunshine and fresh water.